Thursday, March 8, 2012


Since I’ve become a mom… things that happen in our world affect me differently.  Maybe differently isn’t the right word.  Deeper.  They affect me deeper.

Tragic, horrible, sad things happen all over the world on a day to day basis.  They always have.  But since I’ve become a mom, when I read about or listen to these stories, it hurts me in a way it never did before.  I “feel” pain and sadness deeper than I ever used to.  There are days I completely avoid the news because I just cannot take it. 

(Do any other moms feel this way??)

I used to work for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and children with life threatening medical conditions and their families have always been close to my heart.  Now that I’m a mom, I feel blessed and grateful every day that I have healthy children.  I don’t “know” what it is like not to, but I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful families and learn a little bit about their stories.  I was lucky enough to be a small part of helping their wishes come true.  I no longer work for Make-A-Wish, but still hold the organization and the families involved close to my heart.  

A friend of mine has a very brave cousin named Erin.  I’ve been following her story for some time now.  She has battled cancer twice and won.  I was very sad to read that the cancer is back.  Erin and her family are beginning the fight yet again.  I cried when I read this and it hurts deep to even try to imagine what Erin and her family are going through.  If you have a minute, read about Erin.  Say a prayer, think good healing thoughts, do whatever it is you do for others when they are in need.  

Then take a minute and be thankful.  Be thankful for the good things…

Read more about Erin's wish to meet Justin Bieber here.


  1. I think Moms have special powers.

    When I was young, I never quite understood how my Mom could cry at anything at the drop of a hat - happy things, sad things, commericals, comments, babies, weddings, funerals!

    I am not a mom, but I am a wife. Things do affect you deeper, as you say, as life goes on. You become more aware of life, and you appreciate it more, and you are not just in charge of yourself anymore. Plus, you start to understand that when you love others, it can really affect you.

    This is a good post. I need to hug my Mom :)

  2. Very well said Een. I think with more experience comes more appreciation for life in general.

    Give your mom a hug for me too... she is just so sweet!


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