Thursday, March 29, 2012


House update – we got it! J

Ever feel like something was just meant to be?  Last Thursday afternoon, I received an email from our realtor’s search tool thingamabob that was a notice of status change for the house we had made an offer on.  I just about fell off my chair.  It was back on the market?  Within minutes I was simultaneously emailing Jeff and calling our realtor to find out what was happening.

The original buyer got cold feet, backed out and yes, the house was in fact back on the market.  We already had an appointment to look at four houses the following day.  We kept those and added this house to the list.

You see, for the past week or so, we had been talking about all the reasons why maybe this wasn’t the house for us in an effort to feel better about losing it.  Now that it was an option again – had we talked ourselves out of it?  

The first four houses were rough.  One was HUGE, but a foreclosure and in terrible shape.  There was a fireplace in one of the rooms and in the photos online it had an entire wall of brick around it.  In reality it was brick wallpaper.  Yes I said brick wallpaper.  Seriously.  Who does this?

When I walked into the house again, I felt content.  I felt reassured it was the house for us.  We made an offer before we left and it was accepted the next day.

Does this house have everything we’ve ever wanted and more?  No.  Is it as big as we’d like it to be?  No.  Unfortunately like probably everyone I know, we can’t afford everything we want, especially in our first home.  

What I love most about this house:
  • huge kitchen with an open floor plan to the kitchen table and living room
  • cathedral ceilings
  • walk-in closet and a master bathroom
  • finished basement with tons of storage also
  • large yard for the girls with space for me to have a garden
  • in-ground pool and deck

While it may not have as much square footage as we’d like, I think it’s perfect for how we would like to *live* in a house.  The girls will have their own rooms where their toys can live and our living room will no longer *have* to look like Babies R Us threw up all over our floors.  It more than likely still will at times, but it will no longer be the only option.

The house is a blank canvas.   Everything is neutral so we can decide what color we want to make it without having to invest in gallons of primer to cover up fluorescent pink walls or figure out how to cover up all those awesome faux paint finishes we saw in so many homes.

Finally we will have a place for the girls to play outside.  This makes me so happy.  I grew up with an in-ground pool and have so many fun memories from that.  I can’t wait for the girls to have that as well.  I also hate being hot, so this is a pretty awesome feature considering it will help me tolerate the summer J  We may go broke paying for the necessary sunscreen costs though…

Now to get past the inspections and the nine million steps that have to come before we can move in.


  1. How exciting for you! Congratulations! The house sounds just wonderful.

    I must also say that I LOVE that you used the word "thingamabob" in this post. I must add that to my vocabulary more often.


    1. Thank you Summer!

      Yes, the vocabulary is quite advanced on this blog :)

      If you love the word - read the book -

      It is one of Lily's favorites!

  2. Awesome!! So happy for you guys :)

    1. Thanks Een!! Can't wait to celebrate with you!

  3. I love seeing a post titled, "Disappointment" followed by one that says, "Excitement."

    I am SO happy for you. SO happy for you. Can't wait to see pics. CONGRATS!

    1. Thank you Ky! Hopefully we'll have pictures soon. I hate posting anything till it's officially ours :)

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