Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready or not…

Today is the day.  Today Lily begins swim lessons at the YMCA.  I have been talking about doing this for the last year.  I have been feeling guilty because I kept putting it off.  

Why would I put off something that she needs and will clearly love participating in?  She “swims” in the bathtub.  I think she’s part fish.

Cabin Lake - July 2011

The answer is simple.  Swim lessons = mama wearing a bathing suit.  Yuck.

Now that Gracie is 4 months old, I like to think that I’m figuring out our new daily routine.  We get everything the essentials done that we need to everyday on most days.  Sometimes the laundry piles up.  Our home isn’t as clean as I would love for it to be, but it will do.  The girls usually go to bed on time.  I usually don’t get to bed as early as I would like, but I don’t fall asleep at my desk, so I guess I’m doing ok.  

What I have not figured out how to make part of our routine is exercising.  Theoretically, I should have one hour at home alone before Jeff gets home with the girls.  All I have to do is leave work on time. Go home.  Work out.  Sounds easy, right?  I usually fail at step one.  If I make it past step one and get home on time, I start doing things in an effort to get ahead with the hopes of going to bed a bit earlier.  If I just do these dishes quick/start to make lunches for the next day/get just one load of laundry going/sort the mail… the list goes on.  What I do not do, is exercise. 

A couple weeks ago I borrowed P90X from Iristook.  I have the manuals, the dvds, everything.  I haven’t even watched them yet.  Ugg. 

Working out after the girls go to bed?  Forget about it.  I’m a hot mess.  Exhausted.  Outside of being exhausted, Gracie’s every night activity is what we’ve dubbed “floor time.” 

From about 8:30-9:30/10pm all she wants to do is lay on the floor and talk while being talked to.  Sometimes she wants to practice standing up.  The past few days, she has been practicing rolling over.  As every working mom knows… this is some of the precious little time I get with her each day.  I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  Once she’s had enough, she usually goes to bed and we shower and get ready for bed ourselves.  Soon enough it’s 11/11:30pm and we start the day all over again at 5:50am.

Boden Retro Swimsuit

Back to swim lessons.  I’m dreading this evening.  I’m dreading wearing a bathing suit.  I had to order one and I love it.  But I don’t love it on me.  All I can hope is that every other mom in the class is too busy feeling the same way to be judging me.

Maybe the torture will be enough to make me use my hour more wisely.  


  1. That suit is way cute. Don't worry Kate, everyone is there for their kids, and you are fantastic!

    PS -
    *See our conversation at lunch two weeks ago*

    Good luck! It will be fun. Call me for drinks.

    1. Thanks - I heart Boden. Fantastic clothes - really good quality.

      It was fine... and Lily had an amazing time.

      Drinks. Yes please.

  2. Kate, you look great. You always look fresh and vibrant and if I didn't know it, I would never guess you had a baby four months ago. I haven't found anyone, save airbrushed models, that look like they belong in a swimsuit. Rock the polka dots, girl.


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