Thursday, March 15, 2012


mere seconds before she spit up on me :)

Gracie laughed for the first time last night.  Full on giggles.  It was the best sound ever.

Apparently taking her socks off was hilarious.  Probably because she just figured out how to grab her toes.  My guess is she was excited to get to them.

She wouldn’t laugh for Jeff, or even again for me.  I am sure it is only a matter of days before she is laughing all the time.  That’s just how it is these days.  As soon as she learns something new, it’s one more milestone checked off the list and we are moving on to the next.  Bittersweet...

So I will treasure that brief moment when her giggles were just for me.


  1. OH my. This made my heart skip a beat. I'm so excited for that first laugh! Yay for you!

    LOVE the picture! Love it!

  2. I bet you are! I'm sure it will be very soon for you too :)

    Thank you Summer! I had been taking so many photos of Gracie with everyone else and didn't have one of her and I, so it was nice to finally have one, even if it was just an impromptu kitchen photo. It makes me happy.

    When scrolling through the photos on my phone, I came across a photo of me passed out on the couch napping with my mouth open and Gracie on my chest doing the same. Apparently my husband took that one as a surprise, but it did not really make me as happy :)


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