Friday, March 2, 2012

Swim Lessons - Update

Swim lessons were a success.  Lily LOVED swimming.  She blew bubbles, kicked on her belly and kicked on her back.  She threw toys and paddled to retrieve them and she even went under water.  She did “ok” with the under water part – but the look on her face coming up was priceless.  Why on earth would you do that to me mama??  We just kept singing.

Top 3 moments of the class:

  1. The smile on her face after she got to jump into the pool from the edge - huge.
  2. Yelling announcing to the little girl next to us her name was Lily arms thrown out to the sides and again with the huge smile – she did it with flair.
  3. When Lily and her BFF Libby both realized they were naked in the locker room after class and they proceeded to spontaneously hug and giggle – nothing but pure joy.  (I wish I felt that much joy being naked – ahh the innocence of a child)


  1. CUTE! Pics please. I bet going underwater for kids is traumatic.

    How was the bathing suit debut?

    1. Jeff is coming to lessons tonight to take pictures.

      Yes, you are supposed to blow in their faces, but I don't feel like it really works.

      Let's not talk about the suit. I had to make sure the entire time that the girls were in place. Between their general tendency to not stay in place and Lily grabbing and splashing etc... I'm pretty sure someone at some point saw something they weren't supposed to :) I don't blame the suit... I blame the girls.

  2. How cute is #3.

    :) Glad it went so well!

    1. I know, right? One of my top 5 Lily moments ever I think.

      Thanks - round two tonight!


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