Tuesday, September 13, 2011

harvest moon

I think that as adults (am I really an “adult”??) and parents, it is really easy to forget that simple things are so much different from a child’s perspective. 

Yesterday morning, Lily was playing in our room as I was getting ready for work.  She loves to look out our window and tell me what she sees… cars, birds, planes and occasionally the rocket from Little Einsteins of course.  Now that the season is changing, it’s darker than normal.  Yesterday she looked out the window and got this ginormous smile on her face with big huge eyes and started yelling and pointing… “Mama!  Moon!  Look Mama – big yellow moon!”

I never really thought about the fact that the number of times she’s probably seen a real moon (not on TV or in a book) I could count on one hand.  She usually goes to bed before it’s out and wakes up once it’s gone.  She stood at that window for the rest of the morning looking at the moon until it turned from a yellow moon to a pink moon as the sun came up.  I explained that the moon was going to sleep and the sun was waking up and that’s why it was fading.  The first thing she wanted to do this morning was look for the moon again.  “Mama!  Moon is awake!”  She cried when we had to go downstairs to leave.  There was a lot of drama.  Outside of that… it was definitely a lesson in remembering to look at everyday things with a different perspective… maybe even a child’s… and to find a little magic in that.

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