Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet Bella Bean


We all have our routines in the morning.  When those routines get out of whack, it can really make for a crazy morning which usually involves someone, if not everyone, being late and feeling a little frantic.  

When our alarm went off this morning and Gracie started fussing I knew it was going to be one of *those* mornings.  Normally, when we are ready to feed and dress her, we wake her up.  She is a good sleeper and rarely wakes up before 7am.  This gives me the opportunity to get ready first.  Not so much today.  But it was hard to be mad at that smile when I picked her up and she nuzzled in for a hug.  She does this almost every time I pick her up… *sigh* love.

Gracie Belle – I call her Bella Bean (I wanted to name her Bella, but agreed to a nickname of Bella instead) is six months old today.  She is such a sweet, sweet baby.  She sleeps through the night.  She smiles all the time (unless she’s hungry).  She loves to snuggle *sigh* and she is just such a blessing.  

Bella loves to be held.  If she can see me, she wants me.  She is so different from her sister who was always too busy to be held.  Lily is very independent and has always wanted to do things her way on her terms, even from the beginning.  So I indulge Bella.  She needs me and I need her.  This is the last time I’ll have a little one and it is simply going too fast.  We’ve just started using the wrap-sling-thingy so I can “wear” her and make her happy while still getting things like cooking and dishes done.  It makes me happy too.  This morning, I did my makeup with Gracie in the wrap.  I may have dropped a lid of bare minerals powder, but I didn’t even mind.  Instead of this morning feeling hectic because it was not our normal routine, I was able to enjoy it… it was nice to have a little extra time with my baby today.

Lily finally woke up and we got her dressed.  Normally, Lily doesn’t want to hold Gracie let alone take pictures with her.  I think I have one, maybe two of them together.  I told her this morning was special because Gracie is six months old today and that she is two and a half today as well.  I asked her if she would be willing to take some photos for mama with Gracie in her chair.  Karma must be in my favor today… this is just some of what I got…

Lily looks 16 in this photo
Gracie is always touching Lily - love...

that look... she really does like her sister :)

I cannot get enough of the crinkle nose smile

Today is a good day.

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