Tuesday, May 1, 2012

shades of green

Picking out paint colors for an entire house is so much fun... and so incredibly hard. 

we have swatches of color everywhere...
samples are definitely the way to go

We have a large open foyer/great room/kitchen area in the new house.  We have the perfect short wall to use as an accent wall.  However, we are considering using the dark green on the walls of the great room and foyer - yes all of them.  

Yes, that is a lot of green, but there are also a lot of white high ceiling to balance it out... well not technically white - it will be "picket fence."

The kitchen will be a very light neutral-y green called endive and we are happy with that choice.  I would include it here, but the internet version is not even close to the real life version.  Choosing between the dark greens is proving to be torture.  Care to weigh in?

Of course these look very different in person, so I am not sure how helpful my plea for help really is.  Feel free to come over and see them in person... We will be deciding tonight after work.  You're reward for your valuable opinion is a beer.  Thanks for the help. :)

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