Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have an issue…

I call it train wreck TV.  And if it’s on, I cannot turn away.  

I will pretend to listen to you if you are talking.

I will stop doing whatever more important thing I was doing (and let’s face it, everything is more important than this type of TV).

I will waste an hour or more of very valuable time that I would much rather be spending doing any number of things.

But I cannot stop.  

Last night, we had our cable hooked up in the new house.  We have gone 5 days without TV and I didn’t even miss it.  I let Lily and Gracie watch an episode of Octonauts after bath time and before bed while I got a bottle ready for Gracie.  When the DVR ended, I turned on the very end of Toddlers & Tiaras somehow the TV defaulted to TLC.  This was the order of shows that train wrecked me:

I had never watched the last two and have only seen bits of T&T prior to last night.  If this is what is on TV, I am thinking maybe we don’t need cable.  Horrible.

I had to make Jeff turn off the TV so I would go to bed.


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